Today was a wild and crazy day! There was substantial rain two day ago so the Army Corp of Engineers opened the dam below the race course late last night. Suddenly what was supposed to be a still lake swim became an extreeme current swim. We got into the water downstream from where we exited so the majority of the swim was against thenow considerable current. We watched people from the shore who would swim for minutes and make 1-2 feet headway, or even go backwards.

When I was swimming I kept checking the shore to see if I was moving and sure enough I was making headway, so I felt pretty good about that. Exiting the water I checked my watch and it said 43. Ouch. Despite knowing everything I did, it was still disapointing to know it was that slow. The bike went pretty well. I felt a little inconsistent through the course, very fast at times, but slow at times as well. I went 1:07 which I am pleased with. Onto the run and it wasn't as hot as I was expecting. I got into a good goove and rolled home with a 41 run.

All in all I was pleased. This race is always quite the humble pie type of event. I was 14th in my age group, and for 2010 roll down purposes I was 18th. So I got the final guaranteed slot for worlds next year. Very excited to have that slot.

Practical coaching had great results with: steve: 15th beth: 15th Michelle: 5th Tyler: 55th Anthony: 20th Lori: 5th Barry: 35th

Congratulations to all the PC athletes!