I know you are all anxiously waiting for my Nationals Race Report. I'm writing it tonight and will post it tomorrow, but check this out today. Look what came in the mail? As an age group athlete, when your world uniform arrives in the mail it's like..."Oh my, this is real, I'm going to represent team USA at a World Championship event". It's insanely exciting, and such an honor to wear this uniform. It's special, just for Gold Coast...and maybe Budapest next year, eh? p8232408.jpg

The whole "name on the butt" was something that I scoffed at, but secretly wished I was good enough to warrant having my name on my fanny. Well, here it is, wow...I've got my husbands name on my butt!! HaHaHa. Just kidding, it's been mine for seven wonderful years and I've grown accustomed to it!


To all that have helped me get to worlds, I love you. I hope that I can continue to show all of you out there just how possible this all is. I'm a mom, I was overweight. I decided to make a change, decided to get out there and start really running after what makes my soul happy. Look where I got in just a few short years. I can't imagine what the next ones will hold but I know that I will continue to surprise all of you out there. More epic adventures, more gnarly trips, more fast racing, and more pedals to the metal.