Last July I did a couple bike races. While they were amazing fun, my amateureness at crits took me into a turn pedaling and I hit my pedal on the pavement resulting in my annual crash of the year. Steve got me hopped back on the bike, I got my free lap, and experienced another 20 minutes or so of adrenaline pumped racing. The result was a completely shattered carbon frame, a frame that Troy says I rode twice, but it was really like 20 times (which still isn't much). Everyone at the crit was telling me "Send it to Calfee". It was my understanding that a busted carbon frame was not repairable. Not so! Calfee repairs frames. After lots of emails back and forth they told me my frame was fixable.

Steve stripped it of all it's components and we packed it up and shipped it off. Several months later, it came back to me.

I decided that since I crashed my frame, and it's now a "fixed" frame, I would never sell it. Since I will never sell it I decided to have it customized with my website!

Steve built her back up today, and I am so giddy to have her back. I promised her (and my dad, and my husband) that I wouldn't ride her in any more crits.

The work that Calfee did was awesome. You can't tell in the slightest that it was busted. I would highly recommend them from both a customer service point of view, and a quality of work point of view. Price wise, I was very pleased as well, even with the custom work that they did on the frame, the repair/paint job was just a hair over $600, including shipping. That's quite good considering that my frame was in the $3K price range.