This weekend is the 2009 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, FL. I qualified for this championship at the Kansas 70.3 where I scored a 2nd age group finish. I'm pretty excited to attend this race, but am also trying to keep my expectations low. I have been to some AMAZING races this year: Rev3 Quassy, Ironman Canada, ITU Oly Worlds. It's hard to believe that Clearwater will be on this level. Many of the pros that were at Rev3 stated over and over again that they wished Rev3 was the World Championships, and that it should be. With that endorsement, I'm keeping my expectations in check. This will be the last time in 2009 that I take apart and pack up my trusty steed. Scarlet is boxed and ready for her flight. She needs a tune up when I get there, she has a few little shifting issues. Other than that, she is ready to ride fast and hard.


My feet are excited to race too! They will be sporting a brand spanky new pair of Brooks Launch in neon greeeeen, which is odd, because with the Bio MoGo sole, they are green. Wait, are they green? They look kinda yellow? Maybe they are yellow? [Official color is: Mantis Green]


Green [or yellow] with envy? My feet were so excited to get these on, they just couldn't stand still.


Happy feet for me!


Then I head on over to the fridge, trying to think about what I'm going to pack for my trip, and wow, look who's all ready to go?


Apparently somebody thinks that we are going to Hawaii, no no, Mix1, it's the "other" World Championships. But that's okay, I think they allow hula skirt clad Mix1 bottles on the plane, no really, no need to repack.

I scored a major deal on some Nuun last weekend so I am planning on bringing a few tubes to clearwater to hide in various spots and then tweet where they are hidden. A sort of Nuun scavenger hunt. What do you think? Is this a good idea, could be pretty fun for me too!

So, that's about it. I'm ready to go, even more ready to have fun, and most of all ready to kick some butt out there on the course. The race is Saturday, athlete trakker will be up and going on the Ironman website.