Friday Annie turns 19 months. I can HARDLY believe it.shapeimage_120.jpgshapeimage_93.jpgshapeimage_415.jpgshapeimage_512.jpgshapeimage_77.jpgshapeimage_67.jpgshapeimage_85.jpgshapeimage_103.jpg

Some things she is into:

- She is talking ALL THE TIME, but still a mixture of foreign languages. It’s tough to tell what she is saying because she talks in sentences, so there isn’t a lot of pointing with word repetition. However, she has learned the English words for: “Hi”, “Uh-Oh”, “Kity”, “Cheese”, “Puppy”, “Mama”, “Dada”.

- She talks on the phone a lot. Our home phone, her iPod, a calculator, her books, they are all phones. She has conversations, with lot’s of “Hi” action. Last weekend she talked on the phone, intermittently laughing, all the while “taking notes” on the pad of paper my the phone (aka scribbling). Quite the receptionist.

- She tells strings of jokes, which only she gets the punch line. We all laugh anyways!

- She can operate the mouse on the computer.

- She points to Animals in her books: Kity, Dog, Sheep, Cow, Goat, Donkey, Pig, Horse, Duck, Bird, Frog

- She points to her body parts: nose, eye, teeth, tongue, ears, knee, elbow, finger, toes, foot, belly button, tummy

- She is a wildly active girl. She goes up and down the stairs by herself, just yesterday without holding the railing. She climbs the bookshelf and the couch and the overstuffed chair. She can climb to the tippy-top of the couch. She walks and runs backwards, forwards, sideways, all while pulling a pull toy. She knows several yoga positions, including downward dog and cobra.

- She really enjoys the park, going down the slide and climbing the jungle gym equipment.

- She really LOVES her new dolly who came with a stroller. She wants to take them everywhere and she does laps around the house with the stroller.

- She loves books right now. She picks them out to read and there are a few that Troy and I are sick of but we continue to read them 10 times a day.

- She will go to the fridge and pick out what she wants to eat. Usually it’s milk or string cheese. She also asks for almonds lately.

- She says “please” and “milk” and “all done” in sign language.

- She points out airplanes and helicopters in the sky and likes to watch tractors and diggers do their work.

- He favorite past-time is to sit on the balcony with my stock pot full of water and the measuring cups. She play out there for like an hour.

I can’t believe what an amazing, opinionated little girl we are raising. She is such a joy to be around and to watch grow. I feel blessed to be a part of her amazing life. I laugh uncontrollably every single day.