Recently I have been posting a lot of race reports. I am bummed not to be blogging about more important matters, but it’s been the mainstay in my life I like it! I just wish I wasn’t so one-blog-dimentional! I need to post an update about Annie, as she is growing into this wonderful little toddler...soon! But I’ve got some stuff brewing in my brain and I need to get it out. Nationals and Worlds!! So, did you know that there is a National race for non-professional (aka amateur, aka age-grouper) triathletes?? I did not know about this until recently and now I am addicted with the idea of competing. I know I’m not a pro or anything, but an age-grouper...that I am. I am finishing at the top of my age group in the one triathlon, all the duathlons and many of the road races I compete in. I live in “triathlon central” Colorado, so I know there are some great competitors around me. I think I can do it!

So here is the scoop...the national championships are at the end of the month, eek...and...(a big AND) have to duh? There is one qualifying race left and it’s next weekend in Middlebury, CT. If I were to find a way to Connecticut, race, and qualify, I would then need to find a way to Portland at the end of the month to compete in Nationals. AND, if I did well in Nationals, that would qualify me for 2007 Worlds in Germany!!! GERMANY, how do I even get my bike there??? Humm. I have talked to Troy about this to which I got an overwhelming “Huh, can we afford that?”. The short...and long answer is...No. So next year?? YEA, next year...BUT UHHH, I wanna go now.

Okay with that out of my system here is the next year scoop. There is a race in Utah in August of 2007 that is a qualifier for both 2008 nationals, and 2008 worlds. One race...could qualify you for both! Oooh, Ahhh, and Utah...that’s in “don’t have to ship your bike”-able. Also, it’s far enough in advance that I can save some dough for it. So if I do good there I could qualify for tons of exciting events in 2008. So, here I go, I am announcing it...I am going to compete in August 2007 at the World Qualifier Race like I have something to prove and I am going to qualify for Nationals. Humph! And if, for some reason I do SOOOO WELL that I qualify for 2008 Worlds in Canada, then I expect all of you readers out there to donate at least $5 to the “Send Sonja to Worlds” fund. I have thrown the goal down on the ground. Now it’s time to get to work stomping on it!

All right...another dilemma. Ironman. What did you say? Was that “what Ironman...the girl has only done one tri”. Yea, so I was actually tossing around signing up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2008, some of you know about this. But something has been holding me back from really getting the $$ together, it’s like $450 or something to sign up. I’m afraid that if I train for an Ironman, then I will have to compromise my speed training for long slow distance and oodles of endurance training. I love going fast and I love being able to race fast in the local weekend races. I’m not ready to slow down and train for a 13 hour race...I’m just not. So this whole Nationals goal feels like a good substitute to the “Ironman Dilemma”. AND, although lots of my family wanted me to endeavor in the Ironman, I hope they will be contented in knowing that instead of killing myself for 13 hours, I am going to compete for speed, while I still have it in me! The “Ironman Dilemma” will creep up again, I know it will, so no worries.

Okay, the last dilemma...well not really a dilemma, but an opportunity. So you know how I tried to hire a coach some time ago and it totally backfired on me. Well, since then I have been “coaching shy” but this one coach has sort of been creeping into my existence. “Steve” coaches many of the athletes at my track club. Most the athletes there are triathletes, which is great, and he has been so awesome to me when I see him there. He’s always inviting me to group events, runs...bikes, etc. But the real kicker is that he likes to have a lot of fun and seems to know the right time to take things seriously. His wife is part of the coaching equation as well, and I really like her too. They have created a huge community of triathletes that get along really well, seem to have a lot of fun together, place very well, and always seem to have smiles on their faces. So...I have a meeting to meet with them next week to “discuss” things. I feel bad for them already b/c I have a lot of questions. They are also more affordable than most. I’m really hoping that Steve can help me with my bike speed. I know my running is really good right now, but I’m having trouble keeping up with the front of the pack on the bike, so I’m looking for some better workout advise on the bike. And, as always...the swim. I think my swim is a matter of keeping “with it”, and hopefully some milestones will be achieved...who knows.

Alright, a long post, kinda boring, buy hey, that’s my status, take it or leave it!