Whew, I'm really becoming a swimmer this winter. I haven't posted a status update recently, and with todays workout involving a time trial (TT) I thought it was about time. Chuckie has me swimming a lot, most days of the week. Not all my swims are huge workouts, and recovery swims have become a staple. I finally really understand how I am supposed to do them (slow, and easy, but throwing in a bit of "work" to get the blood going), and why to do them (because it aids my recovery and I am back to normal quicker after them, sometimes it's 12 hours quicker, sometimes a day quicker, sometimes it grants me a few hours). The last several weeks I have learned what strength sets/workouts are. Chuckie has a plan, he has theories. I seriously hope he writes a book some day so that his stuff is shared. I dig his philosophy and because it's all so new, I am enjoying the work. I say "because it's so new" because strength sets hurt. Oh yes, they hurt. And I have had a few so I feel competant to say that.

Like yesterday....80X25 all out on 30 seconds. WTF? So much speed? Don't be duped, it's a strength workout, see, it's even listed under STRENGTH on his post. I only had to do 80, not 100. I didn't have to do them with paddles...but I can see that in my future. It's was actually a really fun workout, and makes you feel pretty gnarly, especially when you were told to lift upper body weights before the swim.

Yes, my arms LOVE me this month. There are days where I don't want to lift my arms over my head afterwards, but they always come around by the next swim.

Todays swim entailed a 1000 yard TT. There was other stuff before the TT, and a series of 100's after the TT at 1000TT pace, those were especially evil. This was a Steady State workout.

I was nervous. I tell ya, just add the word TT to one of my workouts and instantly I am a more diligent athlete. I eat a proper dinner, make sure I get to bed on time, I eat a good breakfast, do the right things for myself, all because of those two little letters.

I met PIC at the pool and we hopped in a lane together. She hates splitting a lane in the pool, but also probably didn't want to have to pass me repeatedly during her TT either, so she obliged and we split rather than circle swam. Thank you PIC.

The opening warm up and sets were great. Chuckie wrote the workout where when I did 10x50, Michelle did 12X50 so that we stayed together for the workout. Such a little thing, but it meant so much to me as 9 times out of 10 I am the last person to finish a swim workout. After our opening sets it was time for the TT.

We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and off we went. right away PIC is so fast. The first time she lapped me was on lap 8 (lap, not length) and immediately my goal was not to let her lap me again until lap 16 or 15 at the worst. I was going for broke today. I gave it my all, that's all I can say. I swam as hard as I knew how, checking my split at the 500 mark, 7:13. Ok, Sonja, keep that up, that's really good. On the way back to the wall on lap 15 PIC passed me again and I didn't let her go. I stayed on her...for like 7 seconds. But she remarked later that she was proud I went with her. I may not be the fastest, but I've got some Grrr in me.

The last 250 was pure pain. I got that feeling in my stomach, the "If I keep this up I might puke" feeling...I'm told that's LT. Oh, LT, great, there ya go. With two laps to go PIC is done, this really got me jazzed to go as hard as I knew how. On my last lap she was doing a little backstroke and I had fun passing her for the first time ever in my life, trying to keep perfect form, making sure I didn't miss the wall on my flip.

And then I was done, whew, ouch, whew...14:30. Really? 1:27 pace, Ok, Sonja, that's pretty good. PIC was like 2+ minutes faster...but at least it wasn't 5, like it would have been six months ago. At least I felt like I sorta, kinda, half-way belonged in her lane. Maybe next time we can circle swim.

Heeeelllllloooo 1:20's. Watch out cause I'm coming for you. 1:25 pace is next and to think...I'm still in the strength phase. I love being a swimmer.