I called to book lodging in the Grand Canyon for my R2R2R adventure and EVERYTHING is booked solid through June. Last year we booked very close to the trip and this year is a completely different story. I guess the recession is over? So, what does this mean? After discussing with Coach CV we decided to "postpone" the Grand Canyon. I will give it another try in the fall, which will be neat since I have already been there in the spring.

This will help him breathe a little easier in preparing me for IM Coeur D'Alene and making sure I get proper recovery after my 100 miler in Moab at the end of March.

But, Dang it, that STINKS!

Sorry friends :(

Also, I am headed out tomorrow to Moab for the Red Hot 50K. Some crazy Ultra runner dude (hahaha, he's actually a super cool ultrarunner dude) wrote some predictions up for the race over at RunColo. Little does he know...I'M A TRIATHLETE (actually I think he does know that) and I'M NOT AN ULTRARUNNER (just one that's in the closet). This race is a "trial run" for what I am affectionately referring to as "Moab-the sequel" (Moab 100 at the end of March).

So, wish me luck as I try to prove Nick wrong and come in like 20th or something. By the way, what is up with these ultrarunner folks, they just love to "predict" races. Before every single big ultra there are all these blogs on "predictions", it's a riot. I guess with too much time spent alone running in the mountains, one must think about something.