Okay I got tagged by A Mama’s Blog to tell 8 things about myself that most people don’t know. So here goes: 1) My biological grandfathers first cousin is Fidel Castro. We have pictures of my mom sitting on his lap at Easter dinner.

2) I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints until about age 10.

3) I am really good at clogging and competed on a championship team until age 23.

4) I learned how to swim in college.

5) I still sleep with a “moon pillow”.

6) My 6th grade teacher said that the word that most defines me is “ebullient”, and it’s still true.

7) I have a fruit obsession. I once sat down and ate about 20 kiwis all in a sitting. My mouth was all tingley for days. Just last week I ate an entire watermelon in a day.

8) I am a mathamatician and a horible spellar.