So sorry that it has taken me so long to post a race report. The race people had a tough time getting results out. By the time the official results came out I was off on another race adventure. The Bolder Boulder was a BLAST. I had qualified for wave B, which was the fourth wave to go off. I guess the coolest thing I can say about it was that it was awesome to run a whole race with people that run my pace. That was just awesome, everyone was going soooo fast! Also, the bands were a hoot. I really enjoyed the tunes and it kept me going. 50,000 people ended up racing that day...crazy! After I finished Troy, a friend Karl, and I sat in the CU bleachers and watched thousands of people cross the finish line every minute. MAD, JUST MAD! Here are my final results. This was a big PR (personal record) race for can you not PR with all that fun!

Official Time: 42:38 Mile 1: 6:36 Mile 2: 6:56 Mile 3: 7:11 Mile 4: 6:54 Mile 5: 6:40 Mile 6: 6:58

109th female, 8th 27 year old woman to cross the finish

Another cool thing about the Bolder Boulder is the professional race. We stuck around for about 4 hours after I finished to see the pros race and it was worth it! They are amazing, so talented, and just darn cool to watch. Troy was pretty happy that the last lady to finish had a time slower than mine. She must have had a really bad day ;)