Annie calls it "Noab". So, today was my last long run before Noab. A two week glissade down the training mountain should leave me prepped, happy, and focused to get the job done come March 27th. Todays run was a painful one. Not my heart, that's an engine. Nope, it's been a big training week and this was the icing on the cake. My hips, my bum-bum (another Annie word) and the bottoms of my feet are feeling the effect. But, they will adapt, that's their job, and they know what's in store for them in several weeks.

As the weeks wind down I'll be looking for a knitting project to keep my hands and head busy. I'll be shopping for Noab trip food, and putting together my packing lists. It's prep time and this race signifies the official start of the season. From here on out it starts getting crazy fun!