I arrived here in San Jose safe and sound. The drive didn't feel very long because I had Marla, my Mother in law with me and we did lots of chatting. Annabelle was great on the trip, she nursed like a champ, and slept a lot. We stayed with my grandparents the first night and Annabelle was great, barely a peep the entire night. The second night I stayed in Truckee with Marla and Roger and she was a little fussy, waking up every two hours. I made it to my parents in great time on Wednesday morning, although it rained most of the drive.

I have been having a grand time with my parents, I am so lucky to be a stay at home mama. This opportunity is priceless. Mom and dad love seeing Annabelle, and their new puppy, while she is a terror, is quite cute. She has been trying to jump up and get Annabelles feet...not good!

I hope everyone is well, and I will write more and post a pic or two later.