A sad day has arrived. Annabelle has outgrown the infamous yellow sleeper. We received a yellow sleeper as a gift from a friend at my moms work and Annabelle has worn it for about 60% of her life to date. It is from Nordstroms (I know...High end!) and it has a hood, and a zipper and it is suuuuper easy to put on and take off, and it's just the right thickness. I just loved it, and always thought it was the absolute PERFECT outfit. Well, she has outgrown it. This is really the first clothing item she has outgrown. It's hard to see that she is growing up when I can't really tell because I see her all day every day.
I loved the sleeper so much that I went and purchased one at Nordstroms in the next size...in pink. I paid $20, which is WAY too much, but it was splurge. I hope it is worth it.

Ode to the sleeper:

Ooh, yellow sleeper,
you were the best,
you fit my baby,
from birth through her best,
We loved you dearly,
but it's time to go,
for she has outgrown you,
and we have replaced you,
forever we will keep you,
to remember her size,
and her tiny brown eyes,
we love you yellow sleeper.

And here is ther new pink sleeper: