This weekend we went camping at the beach. Living in San Jose, my parents are about 45 minutes from the beach. We took my parents van and went to Half Moon Bay for saturday night. Dad drove his motorcycle and mom and I drove the van. The van sleeps 4, and we had 3 adults, a baby and 2 dogs. Whew! Mom and I toured the shops in Half Moon Bay, which is unlike us. We had a seafood lunch on an outdoor patio. We walked on the beach, Annabelles first time seeing the ocean, she was pretty happy about that. Then we had some nice dinner, and I read for awile and we hit the hay. I slept on the top section of the van with Annabelle and we were lulled to sleep by the sound of crashing waves. In the morning dad took off to drive back on his motorcycle and mom and I meandered our way down the coast an eventually back to San Jose. We had an awesome picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the ocean in Santa Cruz. While sitting on the bench having lunch Annabelle was in my arms and a bird pooped on her head. It was hilarious!