My friend Tony who:- has a super cool blog - and who I trained together last year for IM Canada with - and who is pacing me at Moab - and who is on Team Trakkers - and who I absolutely love in a big brother, little sister kind of way - and who makes me laugh really hard (too hard some times) - and who always thinks up the BEST gifts (yes, his wife is extremely lucky)

MADE these for Michelle and I!

See, all the cool ultrarunners wear these little gaiters to keep the dirt and grit out of their socks. Tony ordered these from Dirty Girl Gaiters (try searching for that one on the internet...eek, got a little more than I was bargaining for). Then he went all engineer crafty on them and made them into TEAM TRAKKERS gaiters! Check out the Trakkers logo on the upper left of my blog, see the logo? Get it? Sweet huh?

They are my new good luck charms. I love them. I love Tony, he's such a rad big brother! Thanks Tony.

PS: As you can see, there is a little KT tape in that picture. I rolled my ankle several times last week, so I'm trying out some of that crazy KT tape. I'm quite impressed thus far. It will all be good, just a little something to learn to smile through this week.