Besides a few other things Thursday, I had a hike on my schedule. A hike? For reals? I was allowed to jog a little if I wanted but it was mostly a hike. Oooooohhhh gooodie! A hike! I love hikes. As I've upped my athletic game over the years I have tended to cut out plain and simple hiking. But I'm a big fan of it. Time on your feet in nature is good for you, and I wasn't alone today in seeking that out.

I decided to hit up Mount Falcon Park and walk from Morrison up to what was to be the Summer Home for the Presidents of the United States. That was back in the early 1900's when John Brisben Walker owned about 4,000 acres and built a crazy fancy home at the top of the hill.

He had this idea that he would build a summer home for the Presidents and thousands of elementary school children in Colorado donated 10 cents...back in the early 1900's. Well, John Walkers personal mansion burned to the ground in 1918 and all that was ever erected of the presidential sumer home was the cornerstone.

That's where I headed today. It's a beautiful park, with great views. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful weather. It was warm and sunny and the trail was dry (not for long, apparently a blizzard is moving in). The view from the top was divine.

It's been a while since I've been to the "Summer White House" but I love standing amongst the ruins. I decided to see if I could get my jump on. I think 2010 is going to be the year of the "JUMP". This jump is on the wall where the cornerstone resides.

Before I knew it, it was time to head back down, pick up Annie, and integrate myself back into reality. With ultrarunning you cover distance so fast that you almost forget how expansive the earth you travel is. Hiking slows things down, and reminds me of just how crazy some of the distances I choose to travel on foot are.