And I thought I wouldn't have much to talk about until Moab! Ha! Apparently triathletes are actually three different people. There is:

Swimmer Sonja

Biker Sonja

and Runner Sonja

I didn't know that they were separate people, but apparently they least in the mind of Chuckie. Here I am thinking Oh...I'm tapering for Moab, getting my mo-jo back, but then I was made to realize that Swimmer Sonja was not tapering. Oh No.

I get a workout from Chuckie. It's got 60 some odd 50's at 95% or 100% effort, plus other stuff in there. At the bottom it says Total = 5,000. Okay, 5K, coolio. So, it's a nice day, and Troy is home early so we decide to splurge and pay for the one day pass for all of us to get into Greenwood Athletic Club, which has what seems to be the only year round outdoor pool in Denver. I love this pool to death. But alas the club itself is a little pricy, so we stick to splurges every once in awhile.

Well, one drawback is that it's a meter pool. I am usually in a yard pool, but what the hay, extra credit right, I'll do the 5K in the meter pool. So I get in and I start doing my thing. I even stick to the interval times that CV gave me for the yard pool. I'm begging for the extra credit.

The club team is in the pool as well but the coach was nice to give me the second lane so I didn't have the wall and I was in the lane next to the fast kids. This was great motivation for those fast 50's, I would try to keep up with the high schoolers as they were doing 200's, and I was doing 50's all out. It worked well. Slightly depressing, but it was motivating. A little more than slightly depressing when they were doing 100 backstroke and I was still having trouble keeping up, but whatever... I can outrun them...

So, Troy and Annie are playing, and then they would hop in the shower to warm up, then come back and play. By the end of my workout Annie is sitting bundled in towels asking when we can go home. I've been in the pool for 1:45. Finally the workout is over, I'm really pleased with the work I put in. We shower and head to get some grub before I pass out. On the way I think "I'm gonna add up the distance myself", just to double check Chuckies math, cause I'm annoying like that.


And I did meters: So 5,500 Meters. Wowzer!

So what do I do? Well of course, I do what any good annoying athlete would do, I email Chuckie and rub it in. I make fun of him, tell him he's being sneaky. I really give it to him.

He writes back this morning, appologizes, says it must have been bad couting on his part. Then at the bottom of the email it says:

PS: It is 5,000.

I pull it out and count is 5000!!! I'm totally wrong and when I counted 5500 after my workout, I counted three times. THREE TIMES.

Me: hey Chuckie, remember that time you made me swim so hard that I forgot how to count?

Chuckie: heh heh, yea, that was funny.

Good golly. Well, whether its 5000, or 5500 doesn't matter, it clearly blitzed the mathematician. Apparently "Runner Sonja" is allowed to taper for Moab, and "Biker Sonja" gets a little break since the legs are involved, but "Swimmer Sonja"....oh no, she is still getting pummeled in the pool.

I wish I could honestly complain about the severity of the workout, but the truth is, I love it. I got to swim outside, and it was such a treat. I can say that now that my math skills are returning!