I had a request on twitter to outline on my blog what I am going to eat and who my pacers are for the Moab 100. I don't know, should I reveal all of my secrets? Hahaha! What secrets? I'm new at this game, I have no idea what I'm doing. So, here's an explanation of what not to do! Food: In my training runs I always started off with EFS in my Nathan Intensity Pack, or in a Nathan hand bottle. I went with that for as long as I could handle calories in my drink, and then I switch over to NUUN. There comes a time where I just want to drink water, but the NUUN at least keeps my electrolytes going. In the beginning of my training runs I eat Sport Beans and Shotbloks, but as the miles pile up I get tired of all that stuff and transfer over to Circus Animal Cookies, Peeps, red vines, potato chips, and soy crisps. The slower I go, the more I seem to be able to consume without trouble. I've been warned about starting the junk too soon, so I will try to hold off as long as possible with this.

At the beginning of the last lap on my 62 mile day I had 6 peeps, 10 Circus Animal cookies, and 350 calories in blocks, all in about 8 minutes. No issues what so ever...but...I was running 12-14 minute pace. So, the plan for Moab is to be prepared for all sorts of whims, which means including every whim I've ever had, and adding a few in for good measure. Here's my plan: Soy Crisps, Potato chips, Mix1, Justins Nut Butter 200 cal packs, boiled potatoes with salt, Circus Animal cookies, Peeps, jelly beans, gummy life savers, red vines, cup of noodles, ramen, hot coco, bottled frappuccinos, and soda.

So, there we go, what more is there? Run, eat necessary food, run more.

Pacers: This is pretty crazy. I was really scared to ask people to make the trek all the way to Moab to volunteer to run around in the desert in the middle of the night with me. But I was very lucky and I had quite a few people just volunteer up out of the blue. I am allowed pacers only after 8pm and I am hoping that I will only have 6-7 laps left at that point. At one point I had one pacer per lap (I am only allowed one at a time). After talking to Chuckie about this he really felt that I need to keep pacers to a very small number. Not just logisitics but mostly for the sake of getting into a routine and trying to get through those late night miles with as much consistency as possible. So, (drum roll please) here are the three crazy and insane people who are going to run with me.

Michelle: AKA PIC (partner in crime). This one is a no brainer. What's an adventure without PIC being involved? I'm sure I will puke on her watch...just to convince her she never wants to run 100 miles, and because she tends to be a sympathetic puker.

Anthony: Anthony and I have logged countless miles together last year. He's even steven, consistent, and he's been known to crack such good jokes that I pee my pants. Why would I not want that?

Keith: We've been through 46 miles of the Grand Canyon together and run together often. Keith is nurturing and knows that I'm the queen of positive mental attitude...even though he can be a little sarcastic (all the more to make me love him).

Thank you so much pacers. You have no idea what you are getting yourselves into but I hope I can at least provide a little entertainment in the middle of the night.

Also, a huge thanks to my parents and to Troy's parents. All four of them are flying or driving out to help Troy and I make this happen. They are helping with Annie, helping with me, and will be there for lots of support. My mom will be making food for anyone who wants to stop by and cheer for me when I come in on a lap. So if you are going to be in the area (Cami??) just come on by (here are the directions), hunt down Troy, and then say hi to my mom (she's on food duty).

That's it folks. 9 days to go until this show gets started. I have no idea what I'm going to talk about for the next 9 days on this blog. 9 more days of twiddling my thumbs and thinking about what lies ahead.