Ok, so 100 miles is not all bubbles and cupcakes. Here's a little tribute to the dark side: Top 10 Evil Aspects of running 100 miles

#10: Pointing out how much your butt hurts and having everyone agree.

#9: Hearing stories about racers that were unkind to their support people.

#8: Sitting in an ice bath 3 hours after you finished balling your eyes out and squeezing your husbands hand so hard that it reminds you of when you were in labor, except it hurts worse.

#7: Watching your daughter eat it trying to run over to give you a high five and just running by her because you were too stupid to stop, pick her up, and dust her off.

#6: Having diarrhea that is the consistency of water and is dark black.

#5: finding pictures like these in the photo dump

#4: Wanting so badly to go to sleep afterwards but being in too much pain to lay down. Trying to sleep sitting up in a chair only to find that the pain is worse. Giving up on sleep altogether.

#3: Taking the max amount of Advil that the back of the bottle says you can take in 24 hours and begging for more like you are a junkie.

#2: Wondering what happened to the friends you made and then finding out that they dropped out of the race.

#1: Realizing that these are going to hurt for some time.