I signed up for a swim meet. My dad is calling this the year of "Sonja does a whole bunch of stuff she's never done before" Fun! New stuff. I like doing new things. Several years ago I watched in awe as PIC Fordy Ford swam the 1650 in the CO state masters meet. It looked so fun as she sat there panting on the edge of the pool after her stellar swim (and believe me she killed it). I especially liked the "Holy Moly my arms are going to fall off" comments afterwards.

So, what the hay! Swim meet. I'm in! My first ever. 1650 baby, here I come.

And....it's this Friday.

So after a week of tapering and a week of recovery I have 5 days to get feeling snappy in the pool again because I kinda (oops) put in a seed time that would indicate like a 3 minute PR off of my last timed mile (what was I thinking)? I totally registered like 6 weeks ago when I was feeling fantabulous in the pool.

One minor problem. Blocks. Goggles. Jumping.

CV gave PIC and I a double swim day today. 7K for the day and it was pretty rad. In the AM I practiced 4X off the blocks. Goggles under cap.

Take your mark. Find your spot to look at. Head down and still. JUMP! Spy your spot. Head tuck. In you go.

I had a 75% = my goggles stayed on and 25% = my goggles fell off

In our noon time swim (which was very Grrr) I practiced 4X more. This time:

I had a 25% = my goggles stayed on and 75% = my goggles fell off

UhhOhh. 4 more days to go. More practice is clearly needed. I guess there are worse things that could happen.

We should probably start taking bets.