I love having a laptop! This is my first travel triathlon with it, and boy is it nice! I'm sitting in the Nashville airport after a completely uneventful flight. There weren't three seats together on the Southwest flight, so Annie and Troy sat together and I sat by myself. Luxury! Just kidding, Annie was a total doll and her and Troy had a super easy and fun flight as well. Have I told you I love Age 4? They are so much more behaved!

The current issue is that all the little (and big) Alamo rental cars got flooded. I guess it's a combination between the flooded cars and people who's personal cars got flooded that are trying to rent ones to get home. So, they are shipping cars in and we are waiting. No bigee, it's supposed to be about an hour.

Kinda bummed, I sat down to wait while Troy and Annie went to run around in the airport and struck up a conversation with the couple next to me. They drove their truck from Ohio for their annual vacation. They were staying at the Wyndom resort when it flooded. They were told to take one bag, no luggage and they were evacuated by a canoe. She had their prescription medications and a few odds and ends in a Kmart bag. Their truck was in the parking lot at the hotel and was flooded over the roof. So here they were, waiting for a car, with their little K-mart bags, hoping to get one so they can drive home to Ohio. Their luggage is still in the Wyndom, their truck is totaled, and they had great attitudes. They said, "We've been on quite the adventure" and expressed thanks that they were safe, and that their insurance would cover their car.

So, I sat down with a smile and waited patiently, because really, my life rocks. I made friends with those around me and cheered for each person when their name was called for their car. Things are what you make them, and I'm on vacation, so no need to get my panties in a bunch!

Hello Knoxville!