Knoxville is quite pretty. So much greenery, so many trees. After having dinner last night Troy and I couldn't wait to go check out the race area. We walked around Knoxville looking for the huge Rev3 semi trucks. You really couldn't miss them. The race crew was hard at work late at night getting things set up. The finish line area is the bomb.

The finish line at the race was pretty cool all lit up in it's fancy neon-ness. Sparkley!

I went to bed that night dreaming in blue. This morning, Troy, Annie and I hooked up with Michelle to preview the course. We headed out to the river to check out the swim start and exit.

We walk onto the dock that we will be jumping off of for a deep water start. As were walking onto the dock we hear something in the water and Troy was the quickest to shout "SNAKE"! I didn't personally see the snake, but Troy is officially uninvited to race recognizance missions from now on! Even if you saw the snake, this would be the time, if ever, to LIE. Michelle and I have to swim in that water tomorrow.

Well, the swim is in a river...and channeling our best lingo from Tuscaloosa last year, Michelle and I have deemed the river "dingy".

I'm not sure if I would have gotten into triathlon if I lived in Knoxville. Snake filled dingy rivers. Gulp, sounds like an adventure.

We searched around and found the parking lot that will house transition area and then returned to the car to drive the course.

My first impression of the bike course is that it will be legal. It's a challenging course with lots of ups and downs, not unlike Quassy. There is a pretty nice little hump of a climb at about 1/3 of the way through, and then back 2/3 through. There is some good road, some not good road, and TON of trees.

One of my favorite parts of the bike course is where we get to ride across the big bridge that crosses the river. Rev3 had banners lining the bridge and it got me really hyped up to race.

Back in the hotel I put Scarlet back together and so now she is happy. She had a tune up, some new bar tape and she is happy as ever to race.

I took this one swimming. She is IN LOVE with her floaties and I just love watching her in the water. It's really nice to have my family here with me at the race. I'm not really used to it. Usually it's all about the race and getting ready, but this is a pleasant and relaxing change of pace.

This evening we have a Team Trakkers dinner and I am so jazzed about it. I'm totally stoked that both Michelle and Anthony will be there, and I'm antsy and excited to put a face with a blog for so many of my other teammates. Aside: Tomorrow I will post here how to follow the race on Sunday. The pro field is STACKED and they will highlight the elite amateur finishes (the division which I am in). So check back tomorrow to get the details.