I've been waiting 5 months for today.

5 months.

Today I got to meet, for the first time, the notorious Chuckie V, coach to the stars, international blogging celebrity, world renowned long distance hiker. He's also my coach. Most people actually meet their coach before they hire them, but Oh nO, not me. After being routinely lulled by his pontifications, I begged him to take me on, and guide me to triathlon stardom.

Today I actually got to meet him.

PIC and I traveled to the peoples republic of Boulder, also known as "the town that Chuckie and Angela grace with their presence" (I think there was a sign somewhere to this effect) where we proceeded to roll in 9.75 minutes tardy. However, we are triathletes, and thus, very skilled at transitions. We were on our bikes and rolling a short 4.29 minutes later....after using the potty (PIC)....and pumping up my tires (me).

So, you must be wondering? How did it go? Are you a triathlon superstar yet? Well, close, very very close. But these things must be kept on the down low, and well, if I told you all the details, I might have to kill you.

I can, however, reveal that Chuckie V is indeed all he is cracked up to be. As is Mighty Mouse, Avia clad extraordinare, Angela. They are supreme class acts, and mucho fun to roll on two wheels with. We enjoyed a bit of climbing, a bit of TTing and a healthy dose of running off the bike. All throughout we had our newly appointed CCO (Chief Comedic Officer) along to shout "Left, right, shift up one, 2 more minutes, like a carpet". I don't know about that carpet part...sometimes I'm slow on the uptake.

The work was good, my legs were happier than they have been in some time (more proof that "coach to the stars" knows what he is doing), and the effort of the day resulted in one Carlos V bar each for PIC and I, clearly representing that today was a monumentous occasion. For the next 80 years, I know I will still be talking about that Carlos V bar in all it's cheep chocolate, way smaller than I thought, grandiousness. And no, "grandiousness" is not a word.

A good day it was, my friends.