Less than four weeks now to IM CDA, and this is RACE WEEK! I am headed to Connecticut at the end of the week to race in the Rev3 Quassy HalfRev this weekend. I raced this race last year, and it's a great event, so I'm super excited to be going back. This year I'm going to ride the roller coasters, 'cause PIC is coming too. Last year I didn't have anyone to ride them with and I didn't want to feel like a dork riding them alone...not that I'm against feeling like a dork, I just wasn't in the mood on that particular day.

But today, well, today I totally feel in the mood to be dorky. You go through phases...ya know. Just to prove it, check this out, dorkatude to the 10 power, straight from me to you.

We are wrapping up this "training block" (don't I sound all official...like I know what the heck I'm talking about). Chuckie has been changing things up on me. I've been rollin' like a steam engine the last few weeks, but now I'm getting instructions that are new to me. And, of course, I want to nail them. Coach gives directions, Sonja follows directions. It's how the whole thing works.

Well, I've had a really hard time with one of them. See, you can train me all day long. Like I have said, Border Collie syndrome. But then I got this:

"Taper the eating as the load gets easier (and be done eating 2-3 hours pre-bedtime each night)"


Seriously. No problem, I can do this. one week later...

I can't do this.

I'm an eater. Remember the whole "never had an eating disorder" discussion. Or, what about the photos I posted sometime back of what I used to look like before triathlon. Yea, I know how to eat.

Through the years I have shifted what I eat over to super good stuff. I eat healthy, I eat to perform. I love my veggies and eat a lot of them. Beef is gone, chicken is organic, salmon is wild, dairy is organic. There isn't any junk in the house (I do have a small popcorn addiction...but it's a whole grain, a seed none the less, and seriously, if I end up obese because of popcorn, I've got other problems coming my way).

But this whole 2-3 hours before bedtime has been a struggle. For weeks I could do it one night, but then not for five nights afterwards.

But following my coaches directions is important to me, and curbing late night eating is a great skill to acquire so, I decided to get more serious about it.

Last night I made the 2 hour mark, tonight I'm going for 3. However (my poor family) I closed the kitchen. It's just easier this way.

So wish me a little luck. I'm really not hungry three hours before bed time. I'm just snacky, I like to snack. It's usually nuts, popcorn, carrots, that sort of stuff, but it's just snacking. So, I get it, I know it's a good thing to do. It's just hard.

I must be strong. Oh, blogger friends, please send me strength.