Tomorrow I get to race the Rev3 HalfRev at Quassy. I've been having a lot of fun today with my Trakkers peeps. We provided the manpwer for the first run aid station today during the Olympic race. It was a total RIOT. Good times, for sure!

We also have new Trakkers devises for this race. They are super snazalicious and they are waterproof so we get to wear them during the swim.

The link to watch on the Trakkers page is here. Click on "Watch Live" next to "Rev3 Quassy Half". Then click on my name...okay, and go ahead and click on Michelle Ford (PIC) too, cause, you're probably going to want to see more than one person. Then click on "GO" in the bottom right hand corner.

Also keep an eye on my twitter account as I will post results as I know them as soon as I finish. that's @gosonja

Got to meet last years Quassy winner today, Mirinda Carfrae. Super nice, super cool. I'm wishing her the best of luck for a repeat win tomorrow. She's been a little under the weather, but man, that run of her's is insanity!

A huge thanks to everyone out there for the awesome well wishes and sweet emails, texts, and voice mails. I'll dedicate a hill on the course to each of you, and with 87 of them on course, there is plenty to go around. Love you all!