I've got an Ironman in 2 weeks! What am I doing? What better time is there to eat for health? My motto is health first, not because it's something I do well, but because it's something I'm always striving for.

I tried the Whole30 four days ago. I was just quietly doing it and then last night I consumed about 15 pieces of my daughters Halloween candy. Compulsively. Downed it like an addict. And that really bothered me. Made me feel like crap physically and emotionally. To make myself feel better, I made some of the best tea for weight loss, kombocha.

Recently I have realized that if something scares me, I need to go further in that direction. Downing the candy and the compulsiveness scared me and so...even though it's scary and I'm worried I can't stick too it, I'm going the Whole 30 path. Not on the sly, but following the advice given, and with an "All In" attitude.

There is an Ironman looming. It's okay, I'll get through. I know I can.

The Day 0 email from Whole 30 has rules. Here we go.

1.) Prepare the House.

The Kitchen

Okay, last night I did the kitchen. I went through the fridge and kept a shelf in the door and one in the fridgy part for non Whole30 people (umm...everyone else in my family) and I did the same in the pantry. So everything is separated. I also threw away anything junk-ish. I also asked my daughter to pick 4 pieces of halloween candy, put them in a baggie, and throw away the rest. "Okay Mom" ... my daughter rocks so hard core. Pantry and kitchen ready...check!

Meal Plan

Okay, I did that today. I came up with 6 meals for the week. I am home 7 nights starting with Day 1 until I leave for Ironman Arizona. So I made a meal plan for 6 nights. Meal 1 I had already made and is in the freezer (just took it out), have to make salad for that one. 2 and 3 I need to shop for, 4 I have the protein in the freezer and need to shop for the rest, 5 and 6 I need to shop for. I also added making Mayo, and also 2 dips from scratch so I have options for the evening hunger dragon. Breakfasts will be eggs with salsa and spinach, lunch will be leftovers. It will work for a week. It's only one week! Meal Plan...check!



I made the list, that was a pain in the ass to combine what I needed. Probobly being too much of a perfectionist here, but I did it. Then I went shopping this morning. I went to Whole Foods for the protein and some of the weird stuff I knew I needed to get there...like Coconut Aminos? Yikes...? Then went to Sprouts for the veggies because they are cheeper there. I actually was shocked at the cost. I am using quite a bit of stuff from home, but still, I didn't break the bank this week. We'll see how it goes down the line. Will I be at the store many other times this week, dunno. It's all AN ADVENTURE!


2.) Self Evaluation: Whole30 Goals.

Crap, okay. So, I love my body. I have the body that comes from training 20+ hours a week from Ironman. This is not about losing weight for me. I also think that triathletes do a bit better with some junk in the trunk. I raced better than I ever have on a bit more weight this year. Strong helps me kick ass. So, this isn't about getting all lean and ripped. It's November. That would just make me cold all winter. Here's the deal-ee-o. I am grumpy. Yes, I admit it, I'm a moody bitch at home. In front of others, I'm a rah-rah sweetheart, but at home I'm moody and undependable and a lot of that revolves around food. I want to be a better person around my family, with more stable moods. I don't want people to tip toe around me. I train a lot day in and day out and I want some more pep in my step after I'm done training for the day. Also, I get headaches, a lot. Not migraines, but just that gentle pissed off head feeling, super often.

So here is my goal:

By the end of the Whole30 program I will have a happier more consistent mood and be headache free.

3.) Before and After Photos.

I dunno. I'm not doing this for weight loss. But it's in the directions, and I said I would stick to the directions. So, fine, I'm gonna post them. But I'm hoping I look just like this again in 30 days, cause it's not about that for me. Maybe I will have a bigger smile, is that possible?