A year ago I signed up for IMAZ with some friends. Holy Moly, here it is! Crap! I've spent lots of time recovering, checking up on my athletes, getting those racing Cozumel ready. It's been a nice few weeks just having a more open schedule. Some new athletes have come my direction, that's going to be FUN!!

I have been back training for a little bit. It's a silly thing to do two Ironmans in 5 weeks, but as most of you know, it's done pretty darn often. We've known all season that this was what the back of the year would look like, so I've been ready.

That's not to say that my motivation has been on point. It's not. Arizona is going to be a celebration. It's not an "I have to," it's an "I get to." They all are!

The really special thing for me is that I get to race with Michelle. It's been since Kona last year that I got to step on an Ironman start line with her and really, things like that excite me. We will see each other out on course and get to motivate and scream at each other....or just wave and grunt which is usually the case.

So, back to where I have been before. Ready to give what I have on the day. Lacing up the shoes for #11.