Ahh, this last week has been RAD. Lots of rest and relaxation! I got back into things Friday and had a great weekend in Boulder. The highlight of the week was definitely today. I had a long run to do and decided to spectate the Boulder 70.3 and get in my run in the middle. I ran loops of the run course but in the opposite direction so I could stay out of the runners way. Great job to all those out there that braved a hot day. You all looked strong and I applaud you many times over. The highlight of the entire day (and weekend) was watching Angela Naeth race herself to a second place finish today. Julie Dibens is just a stellar athlete and it was great to watch her dominate the course for the win, including holding up at the finish and "wasting" minutes in order to guarantee that all the ladies in the money behind her retained their paycheck (read up on the 8% rule if you are confused here). So yes, seeing Julie was great, but I tell ya, seeing Angela was SO STINKIN' AWESOME!

I have had the luxury of training with (in the vicinity of) Angela, AKA Mighty Mouse (that's what I call her), since I've been going up to Boulder and training with Chuckie (he coaches her as well). I think all of us age groupers should think about "adopting a developing pro". I mean we always complain about how the Ironman brand should support developing PROS, but really, more of us should think about supporting a PRO who has oodles more natural talent than we do, but are working through the "getting going" phases of their PRO career.

"in the vacinity" photo evidence

PROs like Mighty Mouse Angela. Despite having the fastest PRO female bike split this year at Wildflower, California 70.3, Buffalo Springs 70.3, and Boulder Peak (are there more here?) Angela doesn't have a bike sponsor. And, um, she is in need of a new bike pretty badly (that's just my opinion as I constantly feel bad for riding around on a bike that is nicer than hers). It's her second full season as a pro, so she's still getting her legs under her, but I have no doubt that we will hear about many successful race results from her in the future.

So, with that, a big Congratulations to Angela for her 2nd place pro female finish today. Seeing Mighty Mouse swim great, bike her tail off, and dig deep the entire run I am thoroughly inspired. If you want to adopt Angela her website is here. If you own a company that happens to produce bikes....well, her website is here!

And I mean it, to all my age grouper readers, think about adopting a pro in your community. We should be supporting those that we admire as a way to set a better president in our sport that we value those with talent, heart, and dedication. Thoughts??