The details:Total Time Spent Training: 5:03 Bike Miles: 32.56 Run Miles: 9.11 Race: 5K snowshoe race (included in run miles)

This week I took my normal day off (monday), but also took off Thursday and Friday. Since we were leaving Thursday evening to head up to Keystone for the weekend, I was busy packing and getting everything together and couldn’t get a workout in. Then on Friday, all the boys went skiing and the ladies watched the kids. It was like -2 degrees out and snowing all day so needless to say I didn’t get a workout in that day either.

Saturdays race went great, I posted about it, so you can read up there.

So really, only 4 training days this week. I plan to work out today, and not take my normal monday off. So next weeks numbers should be up from this week.

I only attained one of my last weeks goals, to race well at Beaver Creek. So I am carrying the other two forward this week: 1) put together the seasons training plan 2) have a consistent week of training

We are supposed to have great weather this week, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get in the miles.