Annabelle with chocolate mouth after she had a sloppy bite of a Thin Mint cookie (Racing Underground sent me a box for my Duathlon fat tire win).shapeimage_124.jpg

Last night we decided to get rid of the TV. I know I know, what am I thinking? I’m not all together sure, except that Troy and I have been toying around with this for some time. It’s not that we don’t like watching it, it’s just that we end up watching useless crap so much of the time. We end up going to bed late, which means I sleep in and miss workouts. The other reason is that Pookette is getting a little addicted, and I’m not doing a very good job of regulating her intake of the boob-tube. Tellitubies was turning into Barney, which was turning into Sesame Street. We needed to cut it down. So, the TV is living in the garage for a month, and then we will reassess whether we need it back.

Of course right after we took the TV to the basement, Annie woke up with the flu at 4am, puking everywhere. So, we ended up watching Blues Clues and Shrek all day on the iMac. But even this was better because we watched them together and had some cuddle time. Usually, I leave her to watch TV while I check email, that was just asking for an addiction.

Annie was already doing better by this evening, her fever is down, she’s back to drinking milk and eating bread, so I’m pretty sure she’s on the mend! Kids bounce back so quickly