Ok devoted blog readers, I need your help! I have Ironman Arizona in a few short days...like 7 of them. So here's the deal-io. What color shoes should I wear? I know it's a life or death decision! the shoe choice will of course be the Saucony Kinvara...best shoe ever and really the only run shoe I wear anymore. From training, to the track, to racing short, to racing long...it's all done in the Kinvara for me. So, here are your options. I could go with the same color that I wore in Kona. It's a pinky whitish kick that gives off a cutesy-pootsy kind of MO. She has the whole "don't hate me cause I'm beautiful" thing going for her, but still manages to whip the boys butts.

Or, since I will be wearing my green Trakkers uniform, I could go with the very classy, yet sophisticated Green Kinvaras. These have a bit of a lucky charms feel, a bit of a leprechaun feeling, and they tend to bring joy and merriment to those around them.

And lastly, there is the rebellious pair. Saucony just came out with this hard core brand spanking new pink and black little number. She's feisty, a bit gnarly, and has a healthy dose of attitude.

So friends, the choice is yours. Vote in the comments and whatever pair has the most votes by when I pack my bags on Wednesday night, gets tossed in the bag. Just so we are clear, the options are.

- PinkyWhite - Green - PinkyBlack

And for a little incentive, if you vote in the comments, I will put your name in a hat, pick a name at random, and send the winner a jar and a box of squeeze packs of Justin's Nut Butter. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!