A huge Congratulations to Jennifer and Shannon for voting on my shoe color for IMAZ. I decided to pick two winners and they will both be sent some Justin's Nut Butter. Thanks to all that voted! Oh, and there are more goodies to win, keep reading!

Have you followed along on twitter for any of my adventures this year? If you have you will notice that between my mom and Troy they put out some pretty great tweets during race day. Well, this Ironman, with the generous help of one of my sponsors, Goal0, we are taking the Twittercast up a huge notch.

With three separate tweeters on course they will be tweeting not only the progress of PIC Michelle Ford and myself, but the professional race as well. With Chrissy Wellington, Chris Lieto, Rasmus Henning, Timo Bracht, Matt Reed, Linsey Corbin, Erika Csomor, Jordan Rapp, Heather and Trevor Wurtele, Nina Kraft, Leanda Cave and many more this has been slated as the most compeative Ironman field on mainland US soil in many years.

One of the main problems that we have during the twittercast of an Ironman is simply running out of battery on the phone. Since my tweeters are running around outside they don't have access to a wall outlet, nor do they have the time to sit around and wait for the phone to charge. In comes Goal0. Goal0 makes portable power devises that utilize solar power. One of my favorite products of theirs is the Nomad 7. It's two cute little solar panels that fold out and you can connect directly into them via USB or your car charger and it weighs only 13 ounces. It charges your phone in about an hour of full sun. Arizona has a lot of full sun!

Through the month of November Goal0 is running a promotion. If you buy a Nomad 7 ($99) they will throw in a pair of their ROCK OUT portable speakers. Just wanted to pass that along.

Now that I have you drooling over the Nomad 7 I bet your thinking "I could use it here... or that would be great for... " Remember how I said that Goal0 is sponsoring the TwitterCast? Well, that means that not only will my three tweeters for Ironman Arizona be running around with their phones plugged into Nomad 7s, but we also get to GIVE AWAY those Nomad 7s after the Ironman!

We have five (5) Nomad 7s to give away! A huge thanks to Goal0 for being unbelievably generous. They arrived at my house yesterday and I am so excited to get everyone using them, and to give them away to you all afterwards!

So, how do you win? Well there will be 5 chances to win on Sunday, but in order to even be elligable you need to make sure you follow Goal0 and I on twitter and make sure you are a fan of Goal0's facebook page. Here are the links to take care of that: @goSonja @Goal0TakeCharge Goal0 Facebook

Now, are you ready? One of the Nomad7's will go to the person who can guess my Ironman Arizona finish time to the closest second. Go ahead and make your guess in the comments (ex 10:30:24), but also make sure you do the above as well, so I don't boot you out if you win! Voting for this closes the second the gun goes off on Sunday. Good Luck!

On Sunday, November 21st at 6am AZ time we will start our live TwitterCast about 30 minutes before the PROs start their swim. Follow along on Twitter and check goSonja.com that morning for directions on how to enter to win one of the now 4 remaining Goal0 Nomad 7s. Please also pass the info onto others as the date approaches via retweets and Facebook status posts. It's going to ROCK!

**As mentioned, Goal0 is one of my sponsors, and I definitely endorse their products!