The details:Planned Hours: 8 Total Time Spent Training: 4:59 Swim Yardage: 0 Bike Miles: 24.18 Run Miles: 19.22

It’s been an interesting week. It was supposed to be a rest week, and boy was it. An early week bike ride on my dads road bike left me nearly crippled. Both hips were very sore and painful so I didn’t bike the rest of the week. One would think that I swam to make up for it, but nope, didn’t touch the pool this week. I did several runs, I rested, and today I feel much better for it. That’s the whole point of having fun with things, when you feel hurt, you rest until it’s better. I used to think that training through injury was a way of showing commitment. I hope I am rewarded for taking this week light.

I am having trouble with swimming motivation. I don’t really enjoy it, and I struggle with the actual act. I am trying to find ways to retrain my mind into thinking it’s a positive thing so that I will want to swim, any suggestions? Why am I supposed to love swimming??

Goals for next week are centered around the Platte 1/2 Marathon. This is my first half marathon ever and I would like to run it hard and strong. My goal is to have consistent mile splits. Another goal is to give it all I have for the day, race it like it is an A priority event. The other goal is to complete all of my scheduled swim workouts, there are three of them