Pookette sleeping in the back of the van while we drove up to Monterey for a bike ride.shapeimage_1-1.jpg

Well, as it turns out I couldn’t blog while away. :( Apparently I didn’t do enough research and I needed to copy a certain file over to my iDrive before leaving...which I didn’t do, so no go. The good news is that I had a great time at my parents house. Training and eating went really well, and we had a lot of fun together. Mom and Dad got me a one month membership to their gym so I could use the pool and things, that was great and really came in handy. We took a van trip (my parents have this really cool “van on steroids” with a kitchen and a pop up camper...but it’s 4 wheel drive too). The above picture is of Annie asleep on the way there, complete with sunglasses :). We drove the van to Monterey and did a 24 mile bike ride along the coast. It was great to go riding with mom, dad and Annie all together. We had lunch in the middle at a great little German Deli. Several days later I did a 12 mile run along the coast in Santa Cruz pushing Annie in the Chariot. It was warm and sunny and I got a sunburn, it felt great (except for mile 11, which hurt). Troy arrived on the 17th with his brother Todd. We helped Todd get set up in his new apartment (which is adorable) and he started with Google yesterday! Good Luck Todd! Troy left the 21st and had an uneventful flight home. despite an initial 2 hour delay, which gave us a little more time together. It’s really great to see my parents with Annabelle. They love her so much, and visa versa. She loved to be held by them, and she loves getting attacked by “Grandpa Monster”, or going to the mall with “Grandma”. Grandma took her on a shopping spree and got her pictures done at the picture place in the mall. She loves sitting on Grandpas lap in his chair and playing with his beard. Mostly it was just fulfilling to see their adoration of her and how much they generally love being with her and getting to know her as a person. I wish that we lived closer to each other so that they didn’t have to foster that relationship only during visits. :( Humm what else...?? When we got home the internet had been shut off at the house, and the Comcast appointment is Tuesday evening, so I have been without internet and phone since getting home. Luckily, last night I broke down and joined the world...I bought a cell phone. It got to a point where it was sooooo long overdue that it seemed pointless, but I’m glad I did...I’m already addicted! Also in the good news department: Colorado Mountain Mamas is taking off!! All of my April hikes except one are full and have wait-lists. So I called Joy today and had her add another 7 hikes for April so that new members feel welcome to come hiking. We are hiring another baby hike leader and things are really going well. We have merchandise, we are advertising in Parent Magazine, I am speaking at the Lutheran new moms group next week, and moms are flocking to us! So things are great. If you know a new mom in the Denver area, send her our direction!