Today while waiting for Troy to finish in traffic court Annie and I went to REI to play in the kid area. Today...for the first time ever...she went down the slide all by herself. I didn’t even suggest this, she just hiked herself up the stairs, and threw herself down the slide...about 15 times. One of the slides had about a foot drop at the bottom and was extremely slick, she would throw herself into it and come shooting off the end, giggling the entire time. She even went down on her belly once! I am just amazed at what a bold little girl she is...NO FEAR. After the REI excursion, we headed to the courthouse to check on Troy. They made us go through a metal detector, and get this...the STUPID lady MADE Annie go through the detector all by herself. She required that I place her on the other side of the detector and coax her to walk through it. She did so...but balled the whole time. What a witch!

So two firsts today...slides, and metal detectors!