Here she is...Miss America.shapeimage_1-11.jpg

She’s a Giant OCR C2 and I love her. I got to take her for a 12 mile test ride today and she handles the bumps and dips in the road gracefully. She has 3 chain rings in the front making her the new-and-improved Pook-Mobile (Annie hauler). She’s under twenty pounds, so she’s half as light and twice as fast as Troy’s old mountain bike that I have been borrowing. Best of all...she’s ALL mine!

And, her name came to me almost immediately after getting on her. You know how it is when you go to the dog pound, if you name the puppy, you gotta take it home. Well her name was apparent within minutes and I HAD to take her home.

Her name is Azure. You know like the clear blue sky. But also stands for:


as are good enough just “as you are”.

My sweet Azure, here’s to many wonderful days of riding, countless hours of toting Annabelle, and delicious duathlons and triathlons where we will kick extreme butt.

P.S. All of you reading this better leave a “Welcome” comment for poor Azure, we wouldn’t want her to feel sad on her first day home...would we??