dsc00396.jpgdsc00411.jpg dsc00410.jpg dsc00409.jpg dsc00408.jpg These pics are from our Christmas Eve skiing expedition to Keystone. Todd (crazy Google man from California, AKA Uncle Pid, AKA Troys brother) took these awesome shots of Annie skiing.

She went on the magic carpet twice, this time she stood on the carpet herself rather than asking for dad to hold her.

She also went up the lift twice, once with Troy and I, and anther time with just Troy. I thought I would be scared for her to be on the lift, but she did just great and didn’t squirm at all!

After 4 runs she was pooped and took a big long nap in the lodge in her snowsuit.

We just heard good news as well from the ticket agent at Keystone. I told her that although Annie gets a free lift pass, we always have to wait in the lift pass line to get it, even though Troy and I both have season passes. She said that in that case we can stop by the lift pass office and get Annie a free season pass for this year. That way we don’t have to wait any more. We will definitely be doing that next time we get up to the slopes!

How cute will it be to show her the first season pass she had at age 2!