Balcony A - with the stockings and Peace written on the ceiling?dscn1645.jpg

Balcony B - with the wild flashing lights and moving deer? dscn1646.jpg

Balcony C - with the candy canes and the little angles? dscn1647.jpg Tonight is the judging of the apartment complex’s annual Balcony Decorating Contest. I took some shots this evening of what I think are the top three contenders. Our house is in there, do you know which one it is?

Here is a hint, our decorating budget was $12. We utilized good will.

The grand prize is $300 off your rent, second place is $100 off, and third place is $50 off.

So, give it an gander, which one do you think should win. I’ll post the results tomorrow when they let us know!