istock_000004089957xsmall.jpg Week 2 of 50 Last week we thought about priorities. We wrote some things down for mid season, including red flags. This exercise really helped me narrow down that when Family/Friends, Sport/Health, Diet, and Finances are going in the right direction, my life is pretty peachy. This helped me to write down a list of questions to ask myself mid-season to reaffirm my priorities, and to keep my actions in check. I hope you joined me and wrote down your own. I think they will really come in handy in the next couple months.

Speed is irrelevant if you're traveling in the wrong direction - Gandhi

Direction This week we are going to talk about direction. I had a long talk with my coach recently about opportunities and direction and it made me realize that we need to put some effort towards the idea of direction before we move on. For some people their direction is clear; either they have a strong sense of what they can accomplish, or they have limiters in their lives that dictate their direction (family, occupation, finances). For most of us, we struggle really knowing where we are headed. Sure, we set goals, and we hop from workout to workout, but knowing where you are REALLY, DEEPLY headed can give you strength and a sense of purpose in each of your training sessions.

The truth is opportunities and distractions are going to arise for you, the athlete. If you don't have a strong sense of where you are headed, why, and what for, then every little opportunity will become a distraction to your purpose. We have to have a way of sorting through all the opportunities that arise, becasuse let's face it, when you are doing the right things in you life, opportunities come knocking all the time. You have to have a solid idea of what detracts, and what adds to your training.

Defining Direction So how do we decide on an overarching purpose. We soul search. Here's an idea, take a blank piece of paper and write on it "My purpose and direction this year in my sport will be". Now write down WHATEVER jumps into your head. When you start shedding tears you are getting somewhere. Don't quit early, keep going until you have something that sends a tremmor through your entire being...that's your direction.

Write down your direction. It can be for the season, for they year, for the next five years. Whatever resonates right now is what you are going to go for until you get it!

Using your direction Your direction is your litmus test. It is that overarching phrase which you will bump everything up against when you are thinking of deviating from your plan. "Hey Sonja, wanna run 10 miles with me this Sunday". Humm my schedule says bike, but I love running with so-and-so. BOOM, this is when I will refer to my direction. "ooh, Sonja, you should do such and such triathlon with us". BOOM refer to my direction. Sometimes it will make perfect sence to take an opportunity that has been presented to you, other times it will not, but if you have a direction then you will continue to stay on your pre-chosen path.

Put your Direction out there When we define the direction of our lives the universe will start to set up opportunities to help us along. If you know where you are going you will be surprised how many times the path continues to be illuminated before you. Put it out there in the world and it will come flying back to you in record speed. don't be afraid to define your direction, take the plunge. When we are midseason and we can't even remember how we ever got ourselves into this, our direction will provide stability.

Homework Obviously we need to define our direction, give it a voice and write it down. But beyond that, let's make sure we also talk to someone that we trust about our direction. No one can give you answers but find someone who can ask you some questions about your chosen direction so that you become more firm and defined in your chosen path.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar - Helen Keller