poster_fathom-event.jpg Okay, I am a bit biased, but WOW, we had so much fun watching the single screening of "Spirit of the Marathon" last night. It was sooo well done, and sooo inspirational. It had a little something for everyone, and it was JUST SO GOOD. Not that I am partial.

They plan to do a second screening in February and I plan to be there. I can't wait! Even though it was a Thursday night our theatre was sold out as were many others around the country.

We runners are really appreciative of this film, it gave all of us a voice, and it was done so nicely. I spent the entire movie curled up in a little ball in my chair, like a little kid, feasting on what was playing out before me. It was better than chocolate.

It didn't hurt that 6 of my closest friends sat all around various states of intoxication. The ones that have been with me the past year in a half as I transformed into an endurance athlete. Yup, they were all there, as googly eyed as I.

When the second screaning comes on February 21, I highly suggest that you purchase a ticket and go see what we runners consider the distance of all distances. Call me...I'll go with you!