Beth sent me this picture that she took of me at the Beaver Creek Snowshoe race two weekends ago. It just makes me laugh. I look like such a goof, but it totally reminds me of how much fun I have when I am around my teamates. They bring out the best in me. Thanks so much Beth for taking the time to snap this rule! sonjasnow.jpg

The last two days have been DIVINE here in Denver. I feel like somebody "up there" is saying:

"Good Job Sonja, You've been working so hard in miserable weather these last months that we are going to give you a two day reward".

What was my reward? Well Tuesday I had a 6 mile run to do and I was gifted with nice enough weather to do it in SHORTS and a SPORTS BRA. Yea, that's it. I bet you wish you had been was sweeeet. I didn't even remember what my belly button looked like...until yesterday when we were reacquainted! Warm sun on my face, great views at Cherry Creek State Park, I was eating it up. Before I left on my run I started my GPS and stuck it in my sports bra (broke the strap...remember?) and at the end when I looked at it, I was a bit shocked/giddy to see 7:30-7:45 pace for an easy mellow training run. I guess wearing 15 layers does slow you down a wee-bit.

THEN, as if that wasn't enough, today I had the pleasure of riding for 5.5 hours with Steve. We did the Highgrade/Shaddow Mountain/Little Cub loop in FEBRUARY, and get this, the weather was more than cooperative and there we only a few very small patches of snow on the entire 60-70ish mile loop. Several times on the ride today we would just look at each other with big giddy grins on our face, still in shock that we were up on Shadow Mountain...ON OUR BIKES...IN THE SUN. Now that is HAPPY. My dad watched Annie in the morning, Troy watched her during lunch, and then dad come back and watched her in the afternoon. I am getting so spoiled having all this support around. It was a really sweet gift they gave me today...allowing me to ride this wonderful ride, while the weather was supreme. Ahhh.

I feel rejuvenated. I wasn't feeling particularly down or anything, but just this touch of spring has been such a reward for my training.

PS: A garden update: plants are still alive, but I had a minor bug issue. They were eating basil and sage leaves. I sprayed the plants with mild soapy water per my dads advice. Bugs gone...I think.

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