tricheckin.jpg I am getting things in ORDER! Today I finished booking all the arrangements for Saint Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg FL, Capital of Texas Triathlon in Austin TX, and National Championships in Portland, OR. Whew! Flights are booked, cars are rented, hotels are reserved, I am locked and loaded for FUN!

Also locked and loaded is Boulder Sprint, and Boulder Peak Triathlon. Luckily, those are local races and therefore quite a bit cheeper to attend. The goal of this year is to focus on the Olympic distance races, and get myself to BIG races where I can compete amongst the best of the best. To really get in with the big girls and give it a run for it. Sounds fun huh??

I don't think my tri schedule is quite complete just yet, more races are likely to come, but no decisions have been made yet. I am so excited for what's on tap already. Troy is coming to Florida with me, and I am attending the other two alone (with teammates).