Annie spent the night at her Grandparents (Troy's parents) house all by herself for the first time. Well, of course grandparents were there, but Troy and I had a night alone for the first time in over 27 months. It was strange, but we made the best of it! Annie did really well at her grandparents house. She didn't cry when I packed her into grandma's car, even though she was sad. We were told that she said "Rabbit" for the first time, and that she played up a storm. It's so good for Annie to get to be around her grandparents. We have found that Annie does best when she is surrounded by LOTS of people that love her and interact passionately with her. Her grandparents really do that!

They even sent a CD home with her of pictures took during the visit. It was great to see what she was up to...playing with many toys and playing the piano! Here are some cute shots!