sonpants2.jpg Once again I am a lucky lucky lady. I received a pair of the Cold Play Soft Shell Pant from Beyond Clothing this week. They are custom, as is everything that Beyond makes and they fit puuuurfect. It's just wild because when you put them on you know they are made just for you. I can't really describe the feeling of perfect fit, it's WILD. The problem is, I'm spoiled now. I keep thinking...Beyond should make swim suits, Beyond should make bras...etc. I don't think they are quite game for that, but once you go custom, it's pretty tough to go back!

After wearing these pants up in the mountains this weekend I got thinking about climbing 14ers again. These pants would be very well suited to climbing 14ers, backpacking, hiking in Colorado with it's crazy weather. They are surprisingly light for their obvious durability. I can't wait to put these pants to the test! Dad and I are already knocking our heads together on how we can get up some 14ers together soon. You can bet I'll be wearing these pants!

sonpants.jpg sonpants3.jpg