racenum.jpg We arrived safely in Ogden, Utah this evening after some 400 miles of driving today. The drive was uneventful and the scenery was amazing across Utah. We soaked in the Glenwood Hot Springs this morning. It was snowing while we were in the pool, totally cool! Dad and I had a fun drive, we did a lot of singing, and wildlife searching.

Yesterday's skiing at Snowmass was THE BOMB. Amos (great family friend, and phenomenal Alpine Guide) acted as tour guide and took us out for a great day of "out of bounds" stuff (my first time doing the OOB thing), and man am I spoiled now. We skied in thigh deep POWDER down some steep stuff. It was exhilarating and totally a blast. I was pleasantly surprised that my skiing has gotten good enough to ski beyond park boundaries. It's made me excited to get into some more backcountry skiing. Even when the resorts are skied out, there is still so much great powder to be had! Fun Times!

After we checked into the hotel this evening we headed out for dinner and to pick up my race packet (see above pic). It seems like this is going to be a great event, well run, and tons of fun. Tomorrow is the Ski Mountaineering Championships, Saturday is the XTERRA Winter World Chamipnships (running, snowshoeing, mntn biking, and then ski mountaineering...all in one race), and then Sunday is my race, the USSSA National Snowshoeing Championships. I definitely plan to go watch the XTERRA Winter Champs on Saturday, but I know I am going to come home wishing I did that race as well. I already had a few people give me a hard time at packet pickup about not doing it. It seems so up my alley...so maybe next year!

I also got a bit of information about the XTERRA 21K XDURO trail races. These sound like a total blast with the World Championships being held in Hawaii in December. How fun would these races be? Trail running, half marathon, trees, logs, rivers, and mud, all in one event...sounds like me!