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I don't ask for help like this often. Although this is not what my blog is about, I feel very deeply about this. I need your help, but I'll get to that...

I have this great friend, Kristin Reed that I worked with back when I actually made money. She is just the most awesome person and was an avid runner when I was pregnant. I remember hoping that I could start running again after Annie was born so that I could go out for a run with her. She inspired me with her fitness, her zest for life, and her love of dogs. We used to swap dogs for vacations all the time and Arwen always came back happier!

Several years ago Kristin had a turning point in her life where she found out who she really is, and in the process found yoga. It's amazing to see the transformation from an awesome motivated woman to a peaceful, thoughtful, even more awesome, more grounded, gentle person. Amazing.

This year Kristin has taken on an amazing feat and I'm hoping that we can help her out a little bit (or a lot). This year my friend Kristin, through an organization called Off the Mat, Into the World is raising $20,000 for the Cambodian Children’s Fund. This organization was founded to help some of the most impoverished children in the world. If she is successful in her fundraising, she will actually go to Cambodia in 2009 to help rescue some of these children from trash dumps where they work scavenging for items to sell to support their families. Many of them die due to disease or are sold into prostitution. The CCF rescues these children, meets their basic health needs, and provides them education as a means to break free of the horrific cycle of poverty they are in.

Kristin is looking for 4,000 people to give $5 to help these children. Ladies and Gentlemen, she just would like $5! Please consider taking a few minutes to donate $5 (more is welcome and all gifts are tax deductible) and then sending this post to as many people as you can. She is hoping to show that a small effort by a lot of people can make a collective difference. To donate and find out more about both Off the Mat, Into the World and CCF, see the links on her blog below and check in frequently as she will be updating her progress often.

I sent my $5 off today and plan to send another 5 and then another 5 and then another. If you have a monthly charity budget please consider dropping some money into an envelope and sending it off to her. I would appreciate it, she would appreciate, and a ton of children in Cambodia would greatly appreciate it.

Learn from Kristin, living a full life is about finding your passion and making a difference in this world. She is one example, maybe you can be the next.

Many Humble Thanks!

Click here for Kristin's Blog

Make all checks to "The Engage Network".

Or just pop $5 or $10 in the mail to: Kristin Reed 657 Golden Eagle Circle Golden, CO 80401