watch.jpg I got a treat in the mail today! A new Nike Triax Speed 100 Watch (in Black/Pink). I have been running without a watch for awhile now ever since mine broke in a snowshoe race at the beginning of the season. A new friend had this one sent to me and I would like to send her many thanks and hugs! You sure made my week! Now I'll actually know how fast I am running!

Also in the news, Annie is weaned from the bottle! While I was in Utah Troy, Marla and Roger got Annie off the bottle and onto the sippie cup! She no longer drinks milk at all, which I hope we can add a little back, but she drinks watered down juice from her sippie. Annie was quite the bottle addict and we could never go anywhere without it. I thought we would have a tough time but it looks like Troy, Marla, and Roger got her 100% weaned while I was gone. I'm so glad she won't be taking it to Kindergarden with her! I'm thinking that when we leave in April we should have Roger and Marla potty train her. Ha Ha Ha...just kidding!

Also some good news on the veggie front. We found a CSA to join here in the Denver area. It's called DeLaney Farm and is part of the Denver Urban Gardens. Yesterday Annabelle and I biked (okay I biked, she rode) out to the DeLaney farm via the Highline Canal Trail to see how far the ride was. It was 15.5 miles each way, so definitely doable on Monday evenings this summer. I figure riding our bikes will save us about $4.50 cents in gas a week or $81 over the growing season, just from riding to pick up our veggies. I'm so excited to be a part of this farm, and to live a bit closer to our food!

Lastly, I had my first herb harvest this week! The herbs were doing well enough to pull some off and use them in my cooking. I used some Rosemary to make a great Spinach Soup with Rosemary Croutons, and then used some basil in the Savory Orange-Roasted Tofu & Asparagus dish I made. It was a little sad cutting things off my plants, but I think I will get used to it. They just feel like such a part of the family now. I guess now that they have been eaten, they are literally part of the family, strange thought!