Man do brick workouts hurt. I had my first run off the bike this afternoon and ouch, it was not pretty. It made me realize I have plenty of work to do this spring. I totally forgot that "My legs are so dead I can hardly run" feeling. Next week is shaping up to be a BIG BIG BIG training week. I am excited for lots of biking to go down. We have three Shadow Mountain rides planned: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. 16.5-17 hours riding hills, ahh yea, should be a rock star of a time. Now if I can only find someone to have fun with (AKA babysit) Annie on Wednesday! Any takers? Tomorrow is the Runnin' Of The Green in downtown Denver. I'm excited, it's a 7K and should be a blast! It's a big race, lots of people, so it should be a spankin' good time. Give me a call if you are going to be down there!

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