After watching the additional footage after "Spirit of the Marathon" I have been wanting the make the Avocado Enchiladas that Deena Castor was making. Luckily she posted the recipe on her website, and my friend Hillary found it. I made them this week and they are TO DIE FOR. I made a half batch b/c the full batch calls for 8 avocados and I knew if I made the whole batch they would be gone in 24 hours and I would have to live down that fact that I ate at least 4 avocados in a day. This way, I only ate two...between dinner and breakfast the next morning they were gone!

The homemade sauce is really easy, so I suggest going that route. Also, I forgot to dip the fried tortillas in the sauce before filling and rolling, and it was fine. I just poured all the sauce over the top of them before they went into the oven, (oh and topped with cheese). If you are worried about the amount of cheese in the recipe, you can cut it back, less would have been just fine.

Here is another link to her recipe. Enjoy, and if you make them, Troy and I would love to come over for dinner! Ha!