This just in: I swam a timed mile in the pool today and I finally broke 30 minutes for the first time. 28:17 to be exact, and I feel really good about it. I feel like it's long overdue.

Dennis (my Masters coach) took some video of me swimming about 3 weeks ago. It's funny how you think you are swimming great, and that you must look great above water, then you see yourself. Suddenly you see all the little things that clearly aren't right. Wow, very educational!

By the way, I didn't really know that Dennis was filming. I knew that he would be doing it sometime during the workout, but didn't know when he was filming me in particular. So this is just my crusin' pace. I think we were doing like an 800 or something, so pretty chill.

I seem to be crossing my arm way over my center line every time I am about to take a breath. I cross with the opposite arm than the side I am about to breathe on. I must be compensating somehow to get my head out of the water more to breathe. I'm sure I don't need to be compensating at all. Iiiiinnnnttttteeerrrrreeesssttinnnggg! Enjoy (at my expense). Feel free to make any and all comments about by form, you won't hurt my feelings!

This last video has been tricky, so if it doesn't play I don't know what to tell you!